Tactical sixpack bravo


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Brand: Tactical Foodpack

Description: A perfect combination from Tactical Foodpack called Sixpack Bravo contains 6 different TF food packs.

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1 × Heating bag
Flameless warming bag to prepare your meal wherever you are, without the need for hot water, a cooker or a microwave.
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Brand: Tactical Foodpack

Description: A perfect combination from Tactical Foodpack called Tactical sixpack bravo contains 6 different TF foodpacks.

The pack contains the following dishes:

- Rice and berry pudding - net weight 90g, energy content per portion 425 kcal;
- Spicy noodle soup - net weight 70g, energy content per portion 346 kcal;
- Chicken and Noodles - net weight 115g, energy content per portion 550 kcal;
- Beef and Potato - net weight 100 g, energy content per portion 515 kcal;
- Rice and pork - net weight 115 g, energy content per portion 523 kcal;
- Pasta and Vegetables - net weight 110 g, energy content per portion 513 kcal.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place.

Peso Neto:

Gross weight: 

Portions: 6

Expiry date (from date of manufacture):  8 years



Preparation method/time:

1 - Open the bag at the indicated point and remove the oxygen absorber.
2 - Carefully add boiling water to the bag.
3 - Mix the contents and seal the bag.
4 - After 15 minutes, mix the meal again, season to taste and savour.

Amount of water to be added: See packaging.

Informação adicional

Weight 863 g


Tactical Foodpack

The idea for Tactical Foodpack came from a doctor in the Estonian Special Operations Force who, in his daily work, was faced with complicated conditions that put both his physical and mental health to the test. Tactical Foodpack is guided by the Special Forces principle: "Don't f... with the food!"


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