Ideal meals for you. Easy to store, very light and quick to prepare.

From main meals to breakfasts, desserts, energy drinks and snacks. From freeze-dried to ready-to-eat meals, you'll find everything you need to have an incredible meal in the middle of your adventure, feeling satisfied, comforted and full of energy along the way.

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microwave-heated meals-eatpure

Eatpure meals can be heated in the microwave.

Eatpure's ready-to-eat meals can be heated in the microwave. Simply remove from the packaging, place in a container and heat in the microwave.

The advantages of freeze-dried, ready-to-eat meals


Healthy and rich in nutrientes

100% natural meals, prepared by hand and preserved to preserve their nutritional richness


Free from problematic additives

No use of chemicals harmful to health, such as sulphites.


Lightweight and easy to transportar

Minimum weight, and packaging that allows optimum packing for easy transport


Quick and easy to prepare

Depending on the type of meal you choose, simply heat or add hot water, stir well and savour


Lifespan of up to 7 years

Varies from product to product, has a minimum lifespan of 3 years and a maximum lifespan of 7 years, excellent for survival


Only natural ingredients

Our meals are meticulously created by chefs using ingredients of excellence, giving preference to organic, 100 per cent natural ingredients.

compact and easy to store

Compact and easy to store

Very useful when travelling, competing, outdoors or even at home. Sturdy packaging for easy storage.


Ready to eat

Simply heat or add hot water and in 8-12 minutes your gourmet meal is ready. No need to use a microwave.